erka stethoscopes
erka stethoscopes

A new standard in physician and nursing stethoscopes.

The search for the ideal stethoscope took us all the way to Germany, to a company steeped in history and precision-driven engineering. Founded in 1889, ERKA revolutionized blood pressure measurement with the development of the very first industrially-made blood pressure measurement device. As the exclusive distributor of ERKA stethoscopes in the U.S., Medelita is proud to offer a superior alternative in terms of ease of use, durability and functionality.

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  • 1Unmatched dual-diaphragm sound precision.
  • 2Ergonomically shaped super-soft ear tips will cancel outside noise.
  • 3Dual channel tubes reach each ear separately.
  • 4Max sound quality and transmission at high & low frequencies.
  • 5Wash with any standard method for sanitization.
  • 6Pore free chromed brass surface is more resistant to bacteria.
  • 7Classified as dermatologically safe.
  • 8Ergonomically shaped chest-piece for hard-to reach areas.


Littmann Classic III

Tube: Single
Chest-Piece: Double
Dual Frequency Membrane (both sides)
MSRP: $130
Tube: Dual
Chest-Piece: Double
ERKA Convex Membrane (both sides)
MSRP: $100

Littmann Cardiology IV

Tube: Dual
Chest-Piece: Double
Dual Frequency Membrane (both sides)
MSRP: $280
Tube: Dual
Chest-Piece: Double
ERKA Dual Membrane
MSRP: $156

Littmann Master Cardiology

Tube: Dual
Chest-Piece: Simple
Dual Frequency Membrane
MSRP: $300
Tube: Dual
Chest-Piece: Simple
ERKA Dual Membrane
MSRP: $178

Erka. Stethoscopes. Perfect hearing at a glance.

I am an EMT, and I can finally hear my patients on a moving ambulance!!!! Everyone in my county loves my stethoscope and want to trade their Littmann's for Erka's!
– Kathryn F.

Erka. Stethoscopes. Perfect hearing at a glance.

Medelita is proud and excited to announce an exclusive U.S. partnership with ERKA. - offering German-engineered preciseness made by tradition.

ERKA stethoscopes

The ERKA brand stethoscope is a superior stethoscope in every way. Featuring the signature ERKA dual-membrane technology for a technicallly superior sound, super-soft binurals for a comfortable fit, and parallel tubing to prevent grinding sounds and noises. Every component exudes quality and highly precise engineering for sensitive auscultation. FDA-Approved and exclusively available in the USA by Medelita, each stethoscope ships free in the USA and can be returned free for 30 days, otherwise a standard 5-year ERKA warranty applies.

A New Standard in Physician and Nursing Stethoscopes

ERKA Warranty

Read Unbiased Reviews From Colleagues

ERKA Stethoscope Review: It's Really Good!

Physician scope review

"Were I particularly price conscious and wanted a stethoscope made in Germany rather than the USA, the ERKA should get serious consideration."

Medelita + ERKA Stethoscope Review

PA scope review

"When it comes to sound quality, there's no doubt that the Medelita stethoscope is of the best quality."

A 3rd Yr. Med. Student's Review

Medical student stethoscope review

"All this being said, the ERKA stethoscopes are of either equivalent or better quality than Littmann, but are a much better value."
By Tiffany Sinclair MS-3

Is ERKA Stethoscope The New Golden Standard?

"I’m a Respiratory therapist and use stethoscope around 20 to 50 times a day depending on the area and workload. In most cases I use stethoscope to hear the lung sounds. Lung sounds usually are loud and pretty recognizable. I’ve tried a lot of different brands that my co-workers use, not too much difference, really.

So stethoscope is just a rugged tool for me! Or so I thought…

I got package when I got back home after my shift a bit tired. I opened the package and was surprised with how it felt and looked – beautiful and very sharp!

I’m not flashy kind of guy, but it looks like a very cool tool on my neck, not just tube with shiny, silver things attached to it.

I decided to give it a try right away and listened to the breath sounds of my kid! Nothing exciting there – clear healthy lung sounds.

The real surprise came next day…

I got to work and took my new stethoscope! Quickly threw it around my neck, got my report and ran out to the floor.

First patient had some diminished lung sounds and, boy, was I surprised that I could hear anything at all – TV in the room was loud and patient on the other bed was talking, but my new accessory apparently has unbelievable noise reduction qualities.

I listened to Wheezes, Ronchi and Crackles all day. While sometimes there are slight problems in distinguishing these lung sounds, it was not the case with ERKA stethoscope.

At the end of the day I remembered about small side of the tool and glancing at manual, saw something about cardio side.

It looked more like neonatal stethoscope to me, so I flipped it and must have opened my mouth, because patient had a puzzled look on the face – I heard only heart, no lung sounds at all. Heart sounds were loud and clear.

I have very little to do with listening to the heart sounds, so naturally I wanted to ask someone who does it on regular basis.

I met cardiologist next day and could not miss my chance.

I’m not very shy, so I flat out introduced myself, asked whether he heard about ERKA stethoscope and gave him to try my new stethoscope. He too had very puzzled look on his face – he said that heart sounds were very clear and loud! Even though he said that he prefers his old one, it was clear that he loved what he heard using ERKA stethoscope."
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How They Compare

Use the following reference guide to see what sets each stethoscope apart.


The all-in-one standard.

Dual-Channel Tubing

Acoustic Ear Tips

Pore-Free Brass Chest Piece

Convex Membrane On Both Sides Of Double Chestpiece

Compares to Littmann Classic III (MSRP $130)




The complete package.

Dual-Channel Tubing

Acoustic Ear Tips

Pore-Free Brass Chest Piece

Open Bell For High Frequencies & Dual Membrane

Compares to Littmann Cardiology IV (MSRP $200)


Best Seller


The masterpiece.

Dual-Channel Tubing

Acoustic Ear Tips

Pore-Free Brass Chest Piece

Broad Spectrub Dual Membrane

Compares to Littmann Master Cardiology (MSRP $300)