National Women Physician's Day


February 3rd, 2017

Celebrate Today And Pave The Way For Tomorrow

 Celebrate National Women Physicians Day with us!

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National Women Physicians Day was first observed on February 3rd 2016. This date marks the birthday of legendary female physician, Elizabeth Blackwell, a strong and influential figure who changed the career of medicine by becoming the first American woman to hold an MD. A true pioneer of her time, Elizabeth Blackwell continues to be an inspiring role model for thousands of women who dream of becoming a doctor, and her journey serves as a reminder to us all of how difficult the path to medicine is for women even today.

Today we celebrate the courage of Elizabeth Blackwell and celebrate the accomplishments of female physicians by setting aside February 3rd as a national holiday to honor these tenacious women and the obstacles they have overcome.

Indeed, there is much to celebrate: in the year 2010 women made up nearly a third of the physician workforce (compared to 24% in the year 2000 and 11% in 1990), and this figure is expected to grow. Most recent statistics from the AAMC indicate that 47% of medical students and 46% of residents are women.

But it’s not enough to simply recognize how far we have come as a society when it comes to removing barriers for women to enter the field of medicine. Though we have come a long way in improving workplace equality for women in medicine, there is still much work to be done. The percentage of male physicians (65%) still considerably exceeds that of females (35%), according to government statistics, and findings from the MedScape 2016 Compensation Report reveal that men still earn more than women for both primary care physicians and specialists. Even more shocking, 30% of women physicians have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, and nearly 75% have had an experience with gender bias on the job.

On National Women Physicians Day 2017, let us come together to honor and support the immense sacrifices that women in medicine have made, and continue advocating to make medicine a more welcoming field for both sexes. 


 How to Celebrate National Women Physicians Day 2017 


Use these resources to spread the word about NWPD and educate the public about the importance of female physicians and the contributions they make to our healthcare system. 

[Download PDF of Fast Facts About Female Physicians]



 NWPD on Social Media

Join your colleagues and engage in conversation on social media. Participating in social media is a great way to spread the message of NWPD and share your story with the rest of the community.

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Sample Facebook Post:

Happy National Women Physicians Day! XYZ fact XYZ fact XYZ fact. Learn more about NWPD at #NWPD #IAmBlackwell #GirlDocsInspire

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Sample Tweet:

Celebrate National Women Physicians Day to recognize the 311,886 practicing female docs in the country. #NWPD #IAmBlackwell #GirlDocsInspire

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Graphics to use:

Download and share these graphics on social media!

Informational Video:

Watch and share this short video full of information about NWPD and female physicians.

 NWPD in the community

Organize a community event

  • Hold a special celebration or reception to honor and recognize one or more exceptional female physicians in your community for heroic acts, years of service to the community, exemplary courage, or commitment to the profession.

  • Inquire about speaking opportunities at local middle schools and elementary schools. You can educate students about the rewarding and fulfilling career of being a physician, talk about notable female physicians in the present and in history, and ultimately inspire young girls to follow in your footsteps on the path to a medical career.

  • Host a fundraiser, such as a walk-a-thon, to raise awareness about female physicians and the sacrifices and contributions they make for their career. Emphasize the importance of female physicians in the nation’s health care system, and use the funds to donate to an organization such as PMG, FEMinEM, or AMWA that helps support the development of women in medicine.

  • Organize a networking meeting as an opportunity to connect with other female physicians, and any medical providers, researchers or administrators that support the cause and increase the impact of your efforts.

  • Obtain support from your workplace and/or health care organizations in your area by asking them to sponsor National Women Physicians Day and to hold a joint event with your organization

Advocate to your local legislators

Using the attached sample proclamation as a guide, ask for your local legislators to officially recognize February 3rd NWPD as a holiday.

  • Call the office of your local authority (mayor, city council, city manager, etc) or state officials (governor, senators, representatives, etc) to find out the procedures for you to send your proclamation for them to sign.

  • It is recommended that you include concise, easy-to-read information (such as the fact sheet we have included) about the importance of female physicians in our healthcare system.

  • Invite your local and/or state officials to any planned events or activities in recognition of National Women Physicians Day.

[Downloadable PDF of sample proclamation]


 Tell Your White Coat Story 


We want to hear your white coat story. In the weeks leading up to NWPD we will be accepting submissions from anyone with a story to tell about a woman (or women) who have inspired you and your career in medicine.

You can share your story in any of the following formats:


Post a video, status, captioned photo, etc to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #NWPDinspires and tag Medelita.


Write a short story, poem, or essay and send submissions to