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Medical Professionals

  • When The Physician Becomes The Patient: Lessons In Humanity

    This morning Cerner CEO Neal Patterson announced his recent diagnosis of soft tissue cancer and his plans to begin immediate treatment. Patterson assured his executives that his diagnosis is curable and that he plans to remain involved with the business as it continues its day-to-day operations. As a prominent figure in an industry centered on healing the human body, Patterson's announcement comes as a stark reminder that despite the industrialization of healthcare, medicine has a very human face.
  • 9 Best Tips To Help You Through A Night Shift

    Working the dreaded night shift means a complete shift in your day-to-day schedule, but it doesn't have to totally disrupt your life. Here are 10 simple ways that you can manage the stress, fatigue, and schedule change that often comes along with night shifts.
  • 5 Easy Ways To Fit An Active Lifestyle Into Your Busy Schedule

    Staying active is a critical component of both mental and physical health, but sometimes you must get creative to make it fit into your schedule.
  • Ways To Lower Physician Burnout

    With physician burnout rates rising rapidly, hospital institutions should be taking immediate action to improve morale among their staff. Here are six easy changes you can make in your hospital or private practice to create a positive work environment for you and your physicians.
  • Best And Worst States To Practice Medicine

    Your actual disposable income is a lot different than how much money you take home each year. Factors such as taxes, cost of living, and malpractice costs vary greatly from state to state. Each of these factors should be considered when choosing where to practice medicine. We have gathered information from each state to compare these factors to determine where doctors can get the best - and worst - bang for their buck.

  • Guest Blog: How Can Better Documentation Lead to Better Revenue Cycles?

    Revenue cycle management has grown to be increasingly tricky to handle, largely due to the ever growing healthcare reforms and policies. With the implementation of ICD-10, practices as well as hospitals have started to arm themselves with as many supplies and tools as they can to help them manage their revenue cycles efficiently.
  • Medical Student Heroically Takes A Bullet To Stop A Kidnapper

    Today I would like to take a moment to pay tribute to a person that I know in the medical community, an individual who risked his life to help someone in need and who truly embodies the spirit of helping others. Last Friday at 4 am in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, Peter Gold was shot in the stomach after intervening to prevent an armed robbery/kidnapping from taking place.
  • 7 Simple Productivity Tips For Doctors

    Rather than echo the oft-repeated suggestions of making lists and setting reminders, we have compiled 7 tips tailored specifically for physicians to improve your practice and boost your productivity.
  • Medical Schools Offering Students Culinary Classes

    In the heart of mid-city New Orleans, students at Tulane Medical School are taking a break from biochemistry and anatomy classes to learn how to sauté, simmer, and broil as a part of a pioneering new program that teaches its first and second-year medical students how to cook their way to health. Tulane's culinary medicine program launched in 2012. Since then, sixteen other medical schools around the country have added cooking classes to their students' curriculum. These courses are designed to give future doctors experience and knowledge in creating healthy, homemade meals with the hope that the culinary skills they gain in class will allow them to counsel patients about making practical changes to their diet and improve their overall health.
  • Why Patient Satisfaction Surveys Hurt More Than They Help

    Patient satisfaction has become a focal performance indicator for hospital administrations, and for good reason. Numerous studies have shown patient satisfaction to be linked to higher profitability, better patient compliance, and a decrease in malpractice suits. However, in many cases, patient satisfaction surveys have become to doctors what standardized testing is to teachers.
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