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  • The Social Injustice Of Zika

    The link between the virus and microcephaly in infants is the principal cause for concern, as the mosquito-born disease spreads rapidly through the Americas. According to WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, “Even the clusters of microcephaly alone are enough to declare a public health emergency because of its heavy burden" on women, families and the community.
  • 5 Most Interesting Stories in Medical News

    This week’s stories include the indictment of a couple selling diseased body parts, a device that combats dehydration, and new initiates in the fight to cure cancer.
  • Spanish Infant Diagnosed With Scurvy

    Earlier this month, to the dismay of the child's parents, an 11-month old baby was diagnosed with scurvy at the Hospital Universitari I Politècnic La Fe de Valencia in Spain. The surprising diagnosis underscores the risks associated with restricting infant diets to only plant-based diets.
  • Mark Zuckerberg Announces Vaccinating His Daughter Amid Controversy

    Last weekend the CEO and founder of Facebook sent anti-vaxxers into an online frenzy after announcing the vaccination of his newborn daughter, Max with an adorable picture posted on his personal Facebook page.
  • Nation’s Transplant System Sets Record In 2015

    The transplant system in America saw record numbers of organ donations and transplants in 2015, while the number of living donors and minority donors also increased. The record-setting total was expected after some of the nation’s organ procurement organizations reported successful periods.
  • Should Football Players Train Without Helmets?

    The idea that football players should practice sans helmets in order to reduce brain injury sounds ludicrous. When Erik Swartz, the chairman of the department of kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire, first approached the school's football coaches with the idea to implement a helmet-free training regimen, they were understandably hesitant.
  • 96 Year-Old Dr. Raymond Grandon Is Finally Hanging Up His White Coat

    After seven decades of practice and a lifetime of hard work, Dr. Raymond Grandon has decided to hang up his white coat and close his medical practice by the end of the year. At the age of 96, Dr. Grandon is one of the world's oldest practicing physicians and his work has touched the lives of thousands of patients through the years
  • WHO Announces 8 Most Dangerous Pathogens In The World

    Last week, the World Health Organization organized a convention with the goal of identifying the pathogens most likely to cause major epidemics in the immediate future. By the end of the convention, public health officials and scientists from multiple disciplines had compiled a list of the 8 most dangerous pathogens in the world, determining that these are the diseases that must be a top priority for research & development to help control possible future outbreaks.
  • 5 Most Fascinating Stories In Recent Medical News

    Study shows the world today is a safer place. Examining the link between breast cancer & leukemia. Medical resident work schedules are triggering controversy. Telemedicine is introduced to the industry of medical marijuana. Epilepsy shown to be linked with higher incidence of suicide.
  • Medical Student Heroically Takes A Bullet To Stop A Kidnapper

    Today I would like to take a moment to pay tribute to a person that I know in the medical community, an individual who risked his life to help someone in need and who truly embodies the spirit of helping others. Last Friday at 4 am in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, Peter Gold was shot in the stomach after intervening to prevent an armed robbery/kidnapping from taking place.
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