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  • A Bold New Chapter

    We are committed to a proactive approach to doing business, and that starts with how we treat our environment and each other. We look forward to sharing an exciting new chapter with you. Put simply, we are looking forward.
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  • Antique Medical Diagrams Showcase The Horrors Of Victorian-Era Surgery

    The 19th century saw many medical advancements, particularly in the field of surgery. With the spread of modern germ theory and improvements in sterilization practices saving lives, Victorian-era surgeons, previously comparable to glorified barbers, became elevated to the ranks of the aristocracy.
  • The Social Injustice Of Zika

    The link between the virus and microcephaly in infants is the principal cause for concern, as the mosquito-born disease spreads rapidly through the Americas. According to WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, “Even the clusters of microcephaly alone are enough to declare a public health emergency because of its heavy burden" on women, families and the community.
  • Happy Birthday Elizabeth Blackwell: The ABCs of Extraordinary Women Physicians

    Written by guest blogger Dr. Vanita Braver. Elizabeth Blackwell's birthday is the day that the Physicians Mom Group (PMG), a non-profit organization of almost 50,000 women, is declaring National Women Physicians Day. This day would celebrate all the significant contributions that women physicians make daily, none of which would have been possible without Elizabeth Blackwell.

  • National Women Physician Day Social Media Giveaway

    This Wednesday marks the 195th birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, a courageous women who paved the path for females in healthcare. To honor Blackwell and her legacy, Hala Sabry DO, Medelita H.I.P. Ambassador and founder of Physician Mother Group (PMG), has declared February 3rd as the first official National Women Physician day.
  • Spanish Infant Diagnosed With Scurvy

    Earlier this month, to the dismay of the child's parents, an 11-month old baby was diagnosed with scurvy at the Hospital Universitari I Politècnic La Fe de Valencia in Spain. The surprising diagnosis underscores the risks associated with restricting infant diets to only plant-based diets.
  • Celebrating The First National Women Physician Day With PMG

    February 3rd will mark the 195th birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in America. By taking these first courageous steps forward, Blackwell opened the door for women to enter the field of medicine - a career that had previously been inaccessible to females. On this day, let us honor Blackwell's legacy by celebrating the first National Women Physician Day.
  • Athleisure: Work and Life Trend for Modern Professionals

    Athleisure refers to a universal style of luxury athletic wear that is appropriate both in and outside the gym. This newest trend is not only becoming a household name, it is becoming a lifestyle for many modern professionals.
  • When The Physician Becomes The Patient: Lessons In Humanity

    This morning Cerner CEO Neal Patterson announced his recent diagnosis of soft tissue cancer and his plans to begin immediate treatment. Patterson assured his executives that his diagnosis is curable and that he plans to remain involved with the business as it continues its day-to-day operations. As a prominent figure in an industry centered on healing the human body, Patterson's announcement comes as a stark reminder that despite the industrialization of healthcare, medicine has a very human face.
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