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For your protection, Medelita does not support beta versions of (supported) browsers. Medelita regularly monitors and tests browsers to ensure the highest security standards for our customers

At Medelita we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your online purchase is safe and secure, using Verisign information security services. Every time you send us your credit card number and your billing and shipping information, we use Verisign technology to prevent that information from being intercepted.
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We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express for all types of orders (internet, phone, and fax).
If you reside in California or Texas and are not a reseller or tax free governmental agency, we are required to add applicable sales tax.

If you are interested in purchasing Medelita lab coats or scrubs in large quantities or are in need of a special RFQ, we will be more than happy to provide you with a customized price quote. Please fill out the group order sheet here

You will be promptly informed by email of delivery dates for garments that are back-ordered. Other items in your order, if available, will be shipped immediately. There is no additional shipping charge for backordered items. We apologize for any inconvenience if your selected items are not currently available.
Have a question about our scrubs or lab coats? Not sure about sizing? You can contact Medelita by calling our customer service line (877) 987-7979 or emailing All emails are received and/or replied to by a licensed healthcare professional and/or highly trained customer service representative, who understand the intricacies of medical apparel.

Customized upscale gift invitations can easily be arranged. This is an ideal way to offer your staff and/or customers a unique, customized gift, without having to worry about sizing or color selection. Please send an email to

Top FAQs

If you placed your order without embroidery and the order processed before 2pm PST, the order will ship that same business day. If your order has embroidery, the ship date is up to 5 business days after the date of your order. UPS delivery times for free ground service is 2-7 business days depending on the distance from the Southern California warehouse. The approximate date of your deliver is shown on the bottom of your emailed invoice. Tracking numbers are emailed via UPS once the order has shipped.
Yes! We welcome the opportunity to outfit your office and/or department, and are committed to making group ordering an easy, streamlined process. Please complete our group orders form by clicking here and a Medelita representative will help you with questions about group pricing, custom logo embroidery, name & title embroidery, and sizing.

Yes, trying on different sizes is easy using the Home Try-On Program with Free Shipping And Returns. You do have to pay up-front. In order to provide you with plenty of time to return or exchange without having to worry about paying for shipping either way (within 30 days), we treat these as normal orders to expedite the process.

Years of research and development have been applied to making the best fabric and fit in the industry. We are personally involved in every step of the process, from the fabric thread we use down to which buttons are used for each specific coat. Attention to detail is monumental for us, which is why we design coats specifically to meet the needs of the individual who will be using the product. Our lab coats have moisture wicking and fluid resistant certified bacteriostatic fabric technology, are environmentally friendly and extremely easy to care for. Hydrophobic technology is built into the coat allowing fluids to bead up and roll off with ease. Ground in and oil based stains release easily from the fabric with laundering. On the inside, we added bacteriostatic hydrophilic technology to neutralize bacteria and to wick moisture away from the wearer. Since so much goes into creating the best lab coats in the industry, it becomes difficult to provide these features while charging the same price as other lab coats available to you. We firmly believe it is worth it. We provide a beautiful bright white coat infused with the latest technology with a one year professional warranty should anything happen to it. We are dedicated to making sure you receive the product you deserve as a hard working professional and the assurance that should you have any questions or concerns, we are only a phone call or email away and will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied. We also offer complimentary shipping and returns and are happy to accept back exchanges and returns. If you would like more information about our lab coats, it may be found here. If you have any further questions about our lab coats please email your question to and a representative will get right back to you.

You are able to send the products back with complimentary shipping if you reside in the contiguous US and your order was purchased within the last 30 days. We will accept returns/exchanges for the first 180 days of your purchase. We will accept the return/exchange as long as the products are not embroidered, altered, and have no evidence of being worn, soiled, or washed.

We initially made both lab coats and scrubs in the U.S., starting in 2008. It was our goal to support U.S. manufacturing long-term. However, as we grew in experience we realized that the U.S. apparel market specializes in knit wear (mainly t-shirts) that can be mass produced at low cost and profitable for those manufacturers. Medelita garments are all made from technical woven fabrics and require difficult sewing techniques and machinery, and surprisingly our costs kept going up as our volume increased. We worked for years to source a new U.S manufacturer that could sew technical wovens at a fair price. There came a time in our company history that we had to decide to either go out of business or move our manufacturing overseas. It took a year to convince our founder that this was the best decision in order to maintain our most important goal of providing the highest quality, professional, performance garments to clinicians. We very much hope that the state and government make changes to support manufacturing for small businesses in a way that would allow for profitability. So although we do not manufacture our garments currently in the U.S., we are proud to hire 26 full-time employees and to provide benefits to those extremely dedicated people in Laguna Hills, CA.

Scrub Questions

We do not offer specifically tall/short sizes for men. Our fit model is 6'0.5" and the top/pants fit him well. Here are the inseam measurements for the scrub pants. Men's inseam for Modern fit are as follows: Small: 31" Medium-Double XL: 32" Men's inseam for Element are as follows: Small- Double XL: 32.5" We encourage individuals that reside in the contiguous US to try them on with our try at home policy.
We don’t specifically carry a maternity line of scrubs. However, we have a wide elastic on our scrub pants and it’s a LOT like demi-panel maternity pants. Our scrub pants have both an athletic waistband/a wide elastic soft band as well as a soft drawstring, so for that reason they are extra comfortable in pregnancy. We have also found much success in recommending going up a size or two during pregnancy and several customers have used this method to wear Medelita scrubs and lab coats during their entire term. In fact, we got the idea from our Founder Lara Francisco, PA-C, who worked through her first pregnancy by going up a couple sizes during the nine months. She adds: “Personally, if I was pregnant again and working clinically, I would wear our scrub pants to full term and buy cotton long sleeve maternity plain color tops that match the drawstring.“

Yes we do! We offer body measurements as well as garment measurements. Each garment has a specific guide located beneath the size selection. For any questions or fit & sizing recommendations please email us with your measurements and we will suggest styles and sizes that would best compliment you. (measurements needed are: chest/bust, waist, lower hip, shoulders, height, and sleeve length for individuals with longer arms) Customer support email:

Our scrubs are made in bulk, so custom options are not available at this time for individual or small group orders. We are able to accommodate large group orders for custom colors or features over 800 sets.
The weight of our scrub fabric is what you've always been accustomed to – but ours has a softer feel and a less pajama-like drape. The result is that Medelita scrubs look very much like traditional scrubs, but with a visible upgrade to quality and color saturation. Our scrubs are certified Drirelease® with FreshGuard® so they wick moisture away from your body, dry extremely fast, and don't allow odors to trap in the fabric. They are ideally suited to hotter weather or warmer settings, because of their patented moisture wicking/cooling technology. This feature lasts the lifetime of the garment, is environmentally friendly, and is an inherent property of the yarn itself (will not wash out). The only thing that blocks this special technology is fabric softener – please avoid it when laundering our scrubs.
The Modern Fit scrubs are mean't to be roomier and do fit true to US sizing. The Element collection is meant to be more fitted and fit true to US sizing. If you are between sizes commonly, order two sizes (without embroidery) and see which one is most comfortable for you. We offer complimentary shipping over $100 and complimentary returns & exchanges within the contiguous US.
While the scrub fabric starts off exceptionally soft from the moment your new order arrives, the scrubs will continue to get softer with each wash.
They should not wrinkle. Perhaps if you left them in the washer after a fast spin cycle and forgot about them for a week – they might. But placing them in the dryer and removing them promptly should leave them wrinkle free.
Unfortunately we do not at this point in time. Our scrub pants are longer to accommodate a wider range of individuals. The pants may be hemmed or let out 1". Here are the lengths for the scrub pants. Modern Fit inseam XS: 29" Small: 30" Medium-XL: 31" Element inseam: XS-XXL: 32" We do encourage all individuals that reside in the contiguous US to try out scrubs at home with complimentary shipping on orders over $100 and complimentary returns & exchanges.

Lab Coat Questions

The interior pocket on our lab coats is not big enough to fit a standard sized iPad, as the inside pockets need to be smaller than the outside pocket so the stitching does not show to the front. The front interior pockets are large enough for most smart phones, and the inside pockets are quite large in general. But only the lower front pockets are big enough to accommodate an iPad or iPad2. An iPad mini will fit in both the outside pockets and the interior pocket.
Unfortunately we do not have physician coats in other the colors. The only color we have at this time is white.

Yes! We encourage all individuals to try on as many sizes and styles in order to find the right coat. This allows the individual to find their correct style and size. Returns and exchanges are complimentary within the contiguous US within 30 days of your purchase date. Here is a link to our Home Try-On Program

If the Laennec size 36 fits you loosely then yes, you will wear the same size in the H.W. Cushing. Overall the H.W. Cushing is narrower than Laennec in the shoulders and torso, yet comfortable, ergonomic and functional. Both the H.W. Cushing and E. Wilson are slim fit styles v. the classic-fit style of the Laennec. However, if the size 36 Laennec fits loosely only in the torso (not the shoulders) and you have especially broad shoulders, you may need to try on the size 38 Cushing.
The E. Wilson is an American slim fit lab coat. The E. Wilson is more tailored than the Laennec but less than the H. W Cushing and Bernard. It is going to be our longest lab coat as well. The length at size 36 is 37.25 inches. The length at size 46 is 39.5 inches. This lab coat is recommended for taller individuals or individuals that like long lab coats. The E. Wilson runs true to size in US sizing. The H.W Cushing is a European slim fit lab coat. It will be more tailored than the Laennec and E. Wilson but less tailored than our true European blazer, the Bernard. The H. W Cushing is two inches shorter than the E. Wilson. The length at size 36 is 35.25 inches. The length at size 46 is 37.75 inches. The lab coat is recommended for shorter individuals or individuals that like shorter lab coats. The H. W. Cushing runs true to size in US sizing.
As a small business we are able to provide plus sizing up to 18 in women and 52 in men. If a larger size is needed, we would be happy to send extra fabric at no cost for you to tailor. Simply request extra fabric in the order notes when purchasing the Estie 18 or Laennec 52. Estie- our classic fit women's lab coat that ranges from 00-18 Laennec- our classic fit men's lab coat that ranges from 36-52
They are not wrinkle free, which would require a very high polyester content. Our natural fiber cotton lab coats are wrinkle resistant, thanks to a patented finishing process that we use. The clearest analogy that we can give, is if you prefer to iron your khakis or your jeans, then you likely will want to press your Medelita lab coat. Others who don’t necessarily want a pristine, crisp finish, are fine with pulling their lab coat out of the dryer early in the dryer cycle, then hanging to dry, with great results.
We’ve spent five years developing a custom lab coat fabric of the perfect weight. And perfect lab coat fabric is a tall order – worn inside, over professional clothing or scrubs, in extremely varying climates (both indoors and out). The key was choosing a high-performance, grade A cotton fabric and then selecting all custom features for weight, drape, weave, and functionality. As a result of our dedication to these critical decisions, our fabric is light weight, breathes well, is soft, and more comfortable to wear than any other lab coat you’ve previously owned.

Yes we do! We offer body measurements as well as garment measurements. Each garment has a specific guide located beneath the size selection. For any questions or fit & sizing recommendations please email us with your measurements and we will suggest styles and sizes that would best compliment you. (measurements needed are: chest/bust, waist, lower hip, shoulders, height, and sleeve length for individuals with longer arms) Customer support email:

Order Questions

Depending on your email provider's settings, you may find that any email correspondence coming from ends up in your JUNK or SPAM folder. Please check this folder first (in Gmail - search for "Medelita") and if you do not see your receipt let us know and we will try re-sending it. Going forward, it is a good idea to add the following email addresses to your list of contacts or whitelist: We apologize for the inconvenience and know that we are working with every major email service provider to find a permanent solution to this issue.

We sometimes find that order and shipping confirmation emails are misdirected into customers' junk or spam folders. Please add to your contacts list in your email provider and let us know if you need us to resend your confirmation by sending us an email to the same address ( Please ensure that an email address was used when placing the order and the spelling is correct. When checking out as guest, an email is not required, if you would like updates about your order please make sure to add your email address to the order. Also, you should be able to log into your account from and find your order details with the invoice receipt.

From time to time we receive calls from customers who attempt to place an order online and their credit cards are declined for one or more reasons - but their bank accounts will show that the charge is pending for several days. When we search our payment gateway here at Medelita, we will only see that the transaction has been declined. If this happened to you, your credit/debit card charge has been declined from our perspective. However, based on the way many banks operate, the charge(s) may be pending for several days. The money will never be taken out of your credit card account but the reserve will be put aside so it will reduce your credit limit until the transaction clears on it's own within 2-5 business days. Unfortunately we cannot remove the charge, nor can we call in on your behalf as the credit card companies will not share account information with non-account holders such as the merchant. Here's a detailed description of how credit card transactions are processed online that will help explain this phenomenon: 1. When you place an order, the credit card transaction goes to the payment gateway provider such as Authorize.Net and forwards the transaction to Merchant Bank's Processor. 2. The information is then sent to your bank ("issuing bank"), and your bank will either approve or decline the transaction based on your available funds. If the transaction is declined by your bank, the transaction ends and your bank account will show the transaction as declined and so does the merchant's processor. 3. If the transaction is approved by your bank, it goes through a second security check by the payment gateway company with the billing information sent by the issuing bank. If the address, zip code and card code you provided do not match with the credit card billing information provided by the issuing bank, the payment gateway may decline the transaction based upon the merchant's fraud security settings. This is the reason why your bank indicates the transaction is approved, and the merchant indicates otherwise. Your bank approved the transaction, but the payment processor declined the transaction. The net result of transaction status is a failure as the payment processor declined the transaction even though your bank had approved it. This transaction will NOT show up on your credit card statement as it is declined by the payment processor. To your bank, they'll see this transaction as approved and will temporarily hold ("reserve") this money until the payment processor claims the money (which will never do as it declined the transaction), or a specific time elapses with no action from the payment processor which then releases the reserve. The time it will take to release the fund varies from banks to banks, and it could take anywhere from 2-5 business days. The reason for multiple "approved" transactions on your bank account may be due to multiple attempts on your part to submit the order when the payment processor declined the previous transaction. Why would payment gateway company scan a security check and then decline the transaction when the issuing bank already approved the transaction? It is important to understand that credit card fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide, as more and more people are buying products and services online. When fraud occurs, the banks get their money back from the merchant and customers get their money back from the banks (sometimes with a bit of a hassle). It is the merchant who will lose money on fraudulent transactions. To protect merchants and buyers, payment gateway providers implemented this additional security check to prevent "possible" fraud. Note: Portions of this article were reproduced/rewritten from Scott Seong's article, which contains a graphic respresentation of how this works here here:

Warranty Questions

We offer a 1 year Professional Courtesy Guarantee. If you have any damages with your garment, please email us a photo of the issue to along with your full name and order number and we will assess whether the damage falls under our Professional Courtesy Guarantee.

Stethoscope Questions

These stethoscopes are German made stethoscopes known throughout Europe and Asia. They were just introduced in the US through Medelita. Since they are a medical device, we are only able to distribute them to addresses within the US. Here is the link to view the ERKA and see how they compare to Littman.

International Questions

Medelita is pleased to offer direct shipping to many of our customers outside of the United States. For all international destinations, complete details are provided on our International Guide Page.

Exchange/Returns Info

If for any reason you are not happy with a non-embroidered item, please return it within 180 days of your original order date for a refund. We will credit your original payment method, excluding original shipping & handling costs, once we are in receipt of your return items. If we made an error on your order or there is a sewing problem or quality issue, please call us at 877.987.7979. Please allow 3-5 business days after your order is received in our warehouse for your return to be processed. We're happy to send you a prepaid UPS mailing label for your return, if you contact us within 30 days of the original order date and you reside in the contiguous 48 U.S. states (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico). We politely ask that in order to receive a prepaid mailing label, that you first send us an email at explaining the reason for your return. Please include your order number, full name, and preferred contact information – phone or email.

We proudly stand behind the quality of our product at Medelita. We will warranty all non-clearance items from any manufacturer flaws, defects or failures for 12 months after the date the garment was originally shipped from our warehouse. We reserve the right to refuse warranty on any item that appears to be damaged by misuse, modification or repair.

We truly want you to obtain the right size and fit. It's a fundamental value of our company – true fit and comfort for all medical professionals. So if you ordered a non-embroidered item and would like to try a different size or style, just send us an email (within 30 days of your original order date) at If you reside in the contiguous 48 states, we'll be more than happy to email you a UPS return label for your exchange (free of charge, within 30 days of the order date) if you simply tell us the reason(s) for your exchange. Be detailed or be brief – it's up to you. Once you receive the email, please print the label and affix to the box or bag and drop off at your local UPS Store or drop box location. In summary, if you're a continental US resident (this excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and have decided to exchange an item, you will only pay the original shipping and handling charges. We'll pay for your exchange items to come back to us (via UPS) if you contact us within 30 days of your order date, and we'll pick up the cost to send out the new items. Not a problem. We reserve the right to refuse a return if it has clearly been worn, laundered, or excessively soiled.

We are happy to provide one complimentary return label per order. If this is your second return within the same order, you will need to provide the means to send the garment(s) back for the second exchange.

UPS Prepaid return labels are easy to retrieve from you account. First, to ensure that your information is protected, we need you to log into your account in order to access a list of your recent orders. You can do that by following this link: Account Login Once you've logged in, you should see your order number displayed in this list of past orders. You can click on that order number to be taken to the order details page. Once you reach that page, you should find a red button that says "Request Return Label" Click on that button and you'll arrive at the "Returns & Exchanges Form" where you can complete your exchange request by following the simple instructions on the screen. Once you submit your request, you should be prompted to print out your return label and you can take it from there. If you have any trouble logging in, please click the "Retrieve My Password" button on the log in page and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you don't see the password email please check your spam or junk folder. Should you additional help please email

We consider Medelita customers to be colleagues. For that reason, we guarantee all products that we make. Period. We are the only medical apparel company with third party performance fabric certification from DuPont® and drirelease® with FreshGuard®. If any of our products don’t meet your expectations, send them back within one year from the date your order was received - for repair or replacement. Damage due to normal wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge. We reserve the right to exclude items from the Professional Courtesy Guarantee™ that have not been maintained per our care instructions (including the use of chlorine bleach on any product), or items that have been altered or abused. If you have questions about care of your garments we are happy to help provide in-depth recommendations. Please note: Medelita Clearance items and Certified Seconds are EXCLUDED from all Professional Courtesy Guarantee™ policies, including all exchanges and/or returns listed below. All sales on Clearance items and Certified Seconds are final. Some coupon codes, including free shipping coupon codes, do not apply to clearance items, certified seconds and/or items on sale.

At Medelita, if something isn't right – we'll fix it. Need a different size? No problem. Just ask. We call it our Professional Courtesy Guarantee™. Why? Because we, too, come from medical backgrounds – where high standards and exceptional care are not only valued, but required. We politely ask the following if you'd like to exchange or return an item:

  • We cannot accept returns on embroidered items. If you are unsure about sizing or style preference, we suggest that you place your first order without embroidery.
  • All sales of "Clearance" items are final and may be eligible for exchange, however we cannot issue refunds on these items.
  • All original tags must still be attached.
  • Garments are to be returned in excellent condition - without stains, makeup, or soiling of any kind - just as you would want to receive your order. Medelita uniforms are worn in hygienic environments, and thus must be presented to our customers with 100% cleanliness. By law, all garments returned must be clean; please wash all soiled garments prior to returning for repair or any reason.
  • MEDELITA does not accept under any circumstances returns or exchanges that are soiled, worn, or anything that is not in new quality condition. We reserve the right to refuse a return if it has clearly been worn, laundered, or excessively soiled.
  • Please place the garments inside the original garment bags.
  • Medelita offers free exchanges and returns when a customer notifies us within 30 days of the order date. A UPS return label can be retrieved in your account detail page. We also ask that you please fill out and include the accompanying form to make sure your request is processed correctly and promptly. We are always happy to email a UPS return label when notified by email or phone if you wish to contact us directly.
  • Returns and exchanges between 30 and 180 days from the date of purchase require the customer to pay for return shipping.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges after 180 days from the original order date. Original shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
  • We're happy to provide personalized attention to each order - individual or group. Email us at
If your order is less than 30 days old make sure the city, state, and zip code are correct in your Medelita User Profile. If there is an error with one of those items the system will not generate a return label for you. Complimentary UPS return labels (for orders within the continental U.S.) can be printed by logging into your Medelita account within 30 days of your original order date. After 30 days you are still welcome to return your items for exchange or refund by shipping the items back to Medelita, 23456 S Pointe Dr, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Embroidery Questions

We are happy to waive the setup fee for professional organization logos and only charge the $12 logo fee for each garment. We have hundreds of professional logos currently on file to choose from. If you are unable to locate your logo using the Logo Search feature when customizing your lab coat, please feel free to notate in the comments section upon checkout which organization logo you would like us to apply to your garment. Also please mention that you authorize permission to charge your credit card $12 for the embroidery application fee. We will revise your order accordingly and send you a new copy of the revised invoice.

We have the utmost pride in our embroidery work. Our in-house service allows us to provide exemplary service to our customers and colleagues. We go to great lengths to ensure that each garment is perfectly sewn, inspected, and packaged. The very first thing that a customer notices is not the stitching or the curved lapels or beautiful pocket detail of the garment itself. It's the embroidery. We call it the "icing on the cake." The "stamp of achievement and great sacrifice." For that reason - it must be perfect. And that is our standard.

  • Name & title embroidery is placed above the pocket, anatomical left, unless requested otherwise.
  • There is limited space on certain sizes & styles, on a properly fitted lab coat, which may result in partial lapel coverage. See character limit chart here.
  • To minimize lapel coverage, use first initials, no periods, and choose only one line of embroidery.
  • List your professional title(s) after your last name (Sarah Smith, MD is preferred v. Dr. Sarah Smith)
  • Custom embroidery requires 5 additional business days, prior to shipping.
  • Embroidered garments may not be exchanged or returned, unless there was an error on our part.
  • When choosing embroidery on scrubs, the first color selection on each scrub top will match the corresponding drawstring color if you choose to purchase scrub pants.
  • We do not offer separate options for drawstring colors on our scrub pants.

Call 877.987.7979 to speak with a concierge specialist, or complete our online group order form. You may also send us an email to with your request.

On properly fitting, gender specific lab coats with stylish lapels, there is limited amount of space in the area above the pocket, and between the lapel and the armhole. Some sizes and styes have less room than others. It is our priority to alert you in advance that Medelita embroidery is centered above the pocket, and embroidered to a standard size/height that is both legible and high-quality in appearance. The large majority of Medelita customers/colleagues are "ok" with some letters of their first name being partially covered by the lapel. For those that want to ensure that every single letter is visible, please adhere to the following guidelines to prevent coverage in both the first and second lines of embroidery. The character limit information is available for each style coat is visible here:

Yes, you may get up to 4 lines of embroidery and there is a $6 fee for each additional line over 2. $12 - 2 lines of embroidery $6 - Additional 3rd line $6 - Additional 4th line
The best way to reduce lapel coverage of your name is to follow the character limit grid available with each style coat under the Embroidery tab. Here is some additional advice: Depending on the lapel of the lab coat, the length of your embroidery, and the size of the lab coat – it is definitely a possibility. That is the unfortunate sacrifice of a properly fitted, modernly styled lab coat – there is less room in the pectoral area between the edge of the lapel and the armhole. We suggest using your first initial, avoiding middle initials, consider a second line if you have multiple titles, place your title at the end of your name (comma MD v. Dr.) and avoid periods in your title (MD v. M.D.), whenever possible, to minimize the length of embroidery. Embroidery always looks best when we are not forced to shrink the font in order to accommodate longer name & title requests.

Medelita custom logo embroidery is the most impressive way to truly distinguish your lab coat or scrubs. A finishing touch like no other - logo embroidery with your office, clinic, or hospital logo turns a lab coat and/or scrubs into something impressive and polished.

  • Logos are sewn directly onto your selected garment. No patches are available.
  • Depending on the logo, your name & title embroidery may be sewn in a color that matches with logo.
  • We digitize/create the art file for new professional logos and school logos free of charge. Otherwise there is a one-time $150 fee for digitzation. This is the process of turning your logo from flat artwork into embroidery detail – color, number of stitches, shading, etc. Additional fees apply.
  • Upload a .JPG, PDF or .DST of your logo. For your convenience, there is an "upload your logo" button in the right hand column, when making your selections for purchase.
  • Once your logo is received, you will receive a confirmation and your design will be digitized by our expert embroidery team.
  • You will then receive a picture (via email) for approval. This initial process takes approximately 5 days.
  • Up to 2 total adjustments/changes can be made, within the $150 original charge.
  • For adjustments beyond three, a $50 additional charge is applicable.
  • Once approved, garments are scheduled for embroidery.
  • We are committed to working with you until you are 100% satisfied with your custom logo embroidery.

The fonts and thread colors are available for preview once the color and size of an item has been selected. Once the color and size are selected you will see a preview of both before adding them to your cart along with the product.

For a static overview of the colors and fonts, please view the Embroidery Style Sheet on our website Embroidery Style Sheet

We have a wide selection of colors and fonts to choose from. Clink this link to view the details: Embroidery Style Sheet

If your new order will include embroidery, the prompts for the thread color and font style will be visible to you after you select a color and size. If you have ordered coats without embroidery and are sending them back to be customized, you will need to log in to your account to provide the embroidery information. Once you are logged in, select the order number, then select Request Return Label. The process is automated from there. To ensure consistent quality in our finished products we maintain an extremely sanitary environment in our embroidery studio. Unfortunately due to these concerns we simply cannot add embroidery to used, worn, washed, or soiled garments. We advise that you consult your local tailor for alternative options.

Shipping Info

At Medelita we offer UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air delivery to P.O. and F.P.O Boxes. A small handling fee includes the cost of preparing your shipment, selecting, and packaging the products you've purchased. Original shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Usual delivery time for UPS Ground is 2-7 working days, depending on your distance from our Southern California warehouse. Please allow add an additional 3-5 days for any orders containing products that are sold in the Medelita Marketplace and/or are not made by Medelita. For international orders, please allow 3-5 business days for Worldwide Expedited Service to most locations. International rates and shipping charges will apply. You may/may not receive a separate duty charge/bill directly from customs (separate from Medelita), depending on the importing policies of your country. Medelita is not responsible for any applicable duties or import custom fees. Click here to calculate international shipping rates to your country. Our website accepts orders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We process orders during our hours of operation Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. Orders placed before 2PM PST will be processed the same working day. Orders placed after 2PM PST, or on a weekend, will be processed the next business day.

Unfortunately UPS does not deliver to FPO addresses. However, we will still honor our standard UPS ground shipping prices and promotions (i.e. flat rate shipping and free shipping over $100) if you require an FPO address as your shipping address. Simply choose “Ground” as your shipping option on your order and we’ll make sure we get it to you.
While UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2 Day Air does expedite the actual delivery time in transit of your order, it does not expedite the embroidery timeline. Embroidered garments take up to 5-7 business days prior to shipping, depending on time of year, medical conference attendance, and group order volume. If you need to expedite an order with embroidery and cannot wait the typical 10 business days, please contact our office to request a "Rush Service." There are additional fees associated with rush service and our Customer Experience Team will be able to assist you.
Orders placed on with a subtotal of $100 or greater will be eligible for free shipping within the United States. Shipping discount does not apply to past purchases, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air, or to any shipping destinations outside the United States. Shipping discount is automatic at checkout, and no code is required. Shipping discount is valid for group orders and or bulk purchase orders.

Many of our customers opt for custom embroidery. This requires some extra time. If you've selected custom embroidery, please allow an additional 5 business days before it ships. This includes orders in which the customer has opted for expedited shipping (Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air). If your order includes more than one item, your entire order will be shipped when your embroidery portion is complete. Please understand that we cannot accept returns or exchanges on embroidered items, unless there was a significant embroidery error on our part. Please see our Embroidery Info page for more information

Try On At Home Questions

You place an order for your preferred style with the sizes that you'd like to try on. Keep the garment that works best for you and send us back what you don't want using our prepaid shipping label. Please note that trial orders must be placed without embroidery. You can find more information on the Home Try-On Program with Free Shipping And Returns. To ensure consistent quality in our finished products we maintain an extremely sanitary environment in our embroidery studio. Unfortunately due to these concerns we simply cannot add embroidery to used, worn, washed, or soiled garments. We advise that you consult your local tailor for alternative options.

No problem. You can take advantage of this program as many times as it takes to get you the correct fit. We reserve the right to discontinue the service for orders ‘not within the spirit’ of the program.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free shipping outside of the United States and Puerto Rico. We also do not offer free returns outside of the lower 48 contiguous U.S. states, therefore the full benefits of the at-home try on program do not apply to residents in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. We are happy to extend this program for international customers but all normal shipping rates will apply for the purchase (we do not provide international return shipping). If you have questions, please send an email to or call us at 877.987.7979

If you would like to order sizes/and styles to try on first, please DO NOT add embroidery during the ordering process. When you log into your account to receive a return shipping label through our automated return process, you will be able to input your embroidery information at that time. To ensure consistent quality in our finished products we maintain an extremely sanitary environment in our embroidery studio. Unfortunately due to these concerns we simply cannot add embroidery to used, worn, washed, or soiled garments. We advise that you consult your local tailor for alternative options.

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